Aircraft Engine Design,
Second Edition

Winner of the 2005 AIAA Summerfield Book Award


Includes AEDsys Software Suite with Textbook

Jack D. Mattingly - University of Washington
William H. Heiser - U.S. Air Force Academy
David T. Pratt - University of Washington

AIAA Education Series
2002, 2nd Edition, 719 pages
ISBN: 1-56347-538-3
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This text presents a complete and realistic aircraft engine design experience. From the request for proposal for a new aircraft to the final engine layout, the book provides the concepts and procedures required for the entire process. It is a significantly expanded and modernized version of the best-selling first edition that emphasizes recent developments impacting engine design such as theta break/throttle ratio, life management, controls, and stealth. The key steps of the process are detailed in 10 chapters that encompass aircraft constraint analysis, aircraft mission analysis, engine parametric (design point) analysis, engine performance (off-design) analysis, engine installation drag and sizing, and the design of inlets, fans, compressors, main combustors, turbines, afterburners, and exhaust nozzles.

The AEDsys software suite that accompanies the text provides comprehensive computational support for every design step. The software has been carefully integrated with the text to enhance both the learning process and productivity, and allows effortless transfer between British Engineering and SI units. The AEDsys software suite is furnished on CD-ROM and runs in the Windows operating system on PC-compatible systems. A user’s manual is provided with the software, along with the complete data files used for the Air-to-Air Fighter and Global Range Airlifter design examples of the book.

Table of Contents:
* 1 - The Design Process
* 2 - Constraint Analysis
* 3 - Mission Analysis
* 4 - Engine Selection: Parametric Cycle Analysis
* 5 - Engine Selection: Performance Cycle Analysis
* 6 - Sizing the Engine: Installed Performance
* 7 - Engine Component Design: Global and Interface Quantities
* 8 - Engine Component Design: Rotating Turbomachinery
* 9 - Engine Component Design: Combustion Systems
* 10 - Engine Component Design: Inlets and Exhaust Nozzles
* Appendix A: Units & Conversions
* Appendix B: Altitude Tables
* Appendix C: Engine Data
* Appendix D: Engine Performance: Theta Break and Throttle Ratio
* Appendix E: Aircraft Engine Thrust Measures
* Appendix F: Compressible Flow Functions – Variable Specific Heats
* Appendix G: Constant Area Mixer Analysis
* Appendix H: Mixed Flow Turbofan Engine – Parametric Analysis Equations
* Appendix I: Mixed Flow Turbofan Engine – Performance Analysis Equations
* Appendix J: High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engine Cycle Analysis
* Appendix K: Turboprop Engine Cycle Analysis
* Appendix L: Propeller Design Tools
* Appendix M: Material Properties
* Appendix N: Turbine Engine Life Management
* Appendix O: Engine Controls
* Appendix P: Global Range Airlifter (GRA) RFP


List of Errors in Second Edition, first printing Updated Aug 23, 2009 - The typo's noted in the first printing are noted here.
List of Errors in Second Edition, second printing Updated Aug 23, 2009 - The typo's noted in the second printing are noted here. 

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List of Errors in First Edition Updated June 1, 2001 - In any publication, a few typo's are made and those noted in the fifth printing of the first edition are included here. If you know of any others, please let me know at